Praveen’s meeting @ Vanishing Point

Hmm…. πŸ™‚ It’s nice to see a friend finally getting settled in a place he really likes… After all these months of cribbing, ranting and raving… πŸ˜‰ Here’s his first post after joining his new job…

Hah… feels good to be in a place where people respect you as a professional, where there are no bossy tantrums, no instinctive hasty meetings and most of all I don’t have to face some of my previous colleagues and bosses who presumed that they ruled their employees… !!! Yeah this place is professional…. no its not the first day impressed employee speaking….I mean….. yeah….. may be becoz previously I had worked in a such a setup, I might just talk like one…. but this place is truly professional… I mean its just cool… !!! Seems like I have just landed in a job where I can project myself as a software professional…. !!! Oh my god its so nice to get a whole cubicle, all for your own… I mean you can rule’ your’ space…!!! You know how nice its a feeling to get a comfy chair for which you don’t have to hunt around every morning, the A/C works, the restrooms are clean and you dont have to stand in queue, I get my own safe parking space where no body tampers with my babe(translated bike), breaks my indicator or writes his girlfriend’s name on my petrol tank…… its really nice to be in a place where people are sensitive, sensible and professional…. whoa atlast I reached a place where I deserved to be in.

[ PraveenGR: Meeting @ Vanishing Point. ]

Sounds a like a two year old who just got a new balloon?

Well, I can relate to what he is feeling…. Hmm…. at times I miss that feeling too… 😐


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