Orkut in Tamil

I found this interesting article. I do not know how to read Tamil. Still, I could figure out most of it. If you understand Tamil, you might find it much more amusing 🙂 I am posting the entire post here. Couldn’t help it 😉

I never noticed orkut had started offering services in tamil till today and I changed the interface to tamil and believe it or not I like it. Lot of stuff that makes sense but there are a few things that are very funny check them out.

I know I’m poor single fellow without a girl friend but does orkut have to say it so explicitly???


Never knew chance was a tamil word ??? When did they add it??


Check this out… Can somebody pliss explain wtf is “tiranda kalyanam”


Introducing “ketta jokes” and “uzhnokka jokes”… hope you get the meaning


I bet the coder was sure a Chennaihite..


And I thought getting a “munaivar pattam” was getting a Phd.. not so?? somebody explain pliss


What do you mean by a “muslim” psyche ???


The Chennahite at work again, rotfl… no words… )


The Chennaihite coder just rocks


With enough fun I changed back to english )

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