Unplanned flight?

And these guys are promising us a safe journey? They don’t even know how to co-ordinate between their own teams…. And now with the lay offs, they have lesser people to manage things… 😀

A baggage loader at the Delhi airport nearly reached Pune when the doors of the Kingfisher Red flight closed and the plane started moving while he was still inside. The ground staff employee was reportedly helping a sick passenger with his cabin baggage.

Baggage loaders usually put registered luggage inside the cargo hold area of the plane and do not enter the aircraft.

The incident occurred on Monday at 10 am when the Kingfisher Red flight IT-3342 began the taxiing process for Pune. It had 154 passengers onboard.

“The security staff at the step ladder asked him to assist the passenger in carrying the baggage from boarding gate to aircraft and come back quickly,” said an airline source, requesting anonymity. As the passenger was not well, the loader was further asked to arrange the hand baggage inside the overhead bin.

Meanwhile, the pilot got permission to taxi and the doors were closed.

“The plane had started moving as it was being pushed back from the parking bay. At this the loader, who was arranging the baggage panicked and alerted the cabin crew,” the source said.

The doors of the plane closed at 10 am. After the fiasco, the plane doors were closed again at 10.15 am and it again started the taxiing process at 10.20 am.

“Before the aircraft doors are closed, the cabin crew does a headcount and fills a sheet. It is strange how they missed the loader who was inside the plane,” the source said. “The incident shows the cabin crew and also the duty manager took the whole process very casually,” he said.

The Kingfisher spokesman couldn’t be contacted for comments over the phone despite repeated attempts.


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