What??? You just blew off 30 Lakhs in the stock market???

Have marked the most amusing part of the story 🙂

AHMEDABAD: The bloodbath in the stock market has not only led people to lose everything, it has also exposed cracks in relationships. A woman in

Ahmedabad is in distress after her husband is talking of deserting her as she lost over Rs 30 lakh in the market in recent times.

I am a 34-year old housewife. I am married for the last ten years and have one daughter. In my free time, I have been trading online in stocks and earned quite a lot. But recently in this bearish trend, my stocks are not doing well and I have run into losses to the tune of Rs 12 lakh.”

“I suppose, everyone who is into stock-trading is sailing in the same boat. But my husband is not ready to take this fact. He says that he is not going to support this loss. In fact, when I was making money in the market, he was enjoying its fruits and now when I’m passing through a bad market phase, he has washed his hands off.

He is also saying that he would prefer to divorce me than shoulder my losses. It is a question of patience but he does not seems to be supportive at all. Please guide me on what to do?”

This woman apparently poured her heart out on a website launched by city-based psychiatrist Dr Hansal Bhachech for free counselling, claimed to be the first of its kind in the country. She has sought help in this situation where she has not only lost money but is also struggling to keep her marriage.

“Many women who have taken to stocks are now facing twin problems – how to cut down their losses and cut flak from their respective families for losing their money,” says Dr Bhachech.

[ source: TOI ]


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