WTF? You political bastards! Do something better with your lives. Kill yourself!

Hmm…. So he actually said “If it had not been (Major)Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced that way” and NOT “Not even a dog would visit Sandeep Unnikrishnans house if he wasnt a martyr” as some media reported.



So, what? The Kerala CM is not good at civilized speaking. Big Deal!

I believe we have far more important things to focus on right now. Things like the terror attacks? Things like the alleged Pakistani involvement in it? Things like Pakistan’s response to India’s accusation.

When all these important things are left to be taken care of, why are these STUPID POLITICAL BASTARDS fighting in the assembly hall asking the minister to step down? Alright, he may not be the best CM Kerala has seen, but, is it important now? When the country is in flames?

This country is NEVER going to be prepared for another attack. Terrorists WILL attack us and walk away. Nothing will happen. We public are the stupid idiots. We put one of you hopelessly selfish maggots onto the government and let your run our country.

To hell with democracy. DO YOU UNDERSTAND what we want? WE DONT CARE WHO SITS ON THAT FILTHY CHAIR OF THE CM OR THE PM. My country is under attack. It has been under attack for decades. We have been attacked all along by everyone. Starting from economic crisises, terrorists, naxals, trade policies, encroaching refugees to local goondas and barbaric cops.

What have ANY OF YOU done for the country? Irrespective of which party you MFs belong to. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE COUNTRY? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME?

If you ask me what I have done for the country? My answer is – I HAVE PAID MY FUCKING TAXES! I take 30%+ out of my hard earned salary and hand it over to you so that you filthy SOBs can bask in the glory of all that money and spend it on getting your whores new spaces in high localities of the country. I work my ass of for 3 months in 12 months for this country and I GET NOTHING in return. No security, No service, No safety.

And I also am dumbo enough TO STILL BE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN! I dont care who you are. How much you have looted out of my country. Just leave my country and us. Let this country go back to the uncivilized living of the stone ages. It wouldn’t make any difference. At least we wont be under the false impression that my country has a government which is working for us. Which is working hard to ensure that we are all safe and well. Which is working for the country when I can work for my family!!!!



  1. #1 by Rajesh on December 4, 2008 - 5:10 pm

    Uday, Its 60 years and still the government cannot even find money to provide a proper national ID card.

    Its time Gov. SHOULD take the help of the technology. I feel this is the right time.

    Each state government works on their own agenda and they have money for distributing the Party has promised. Such as Color TVs that are being distributed in Tamil Nadu. The perfect ways for siphoning public money to the pocket of a few politicians and their family.

    Which country would a group of family members living on the hard earned money of the common man?

    I wish we had some good leaders, some visionaries as we had before independence.

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