Pakistan’s take on Mumbai Terror Attacks

Ok. This is Pakistan’s side of the story.
And here’s my disclaimer:

  1. I am not ANTI-INDIA
  2. I am not ANTI-PAKISTAN
  3. I believe that if we have heard India blaming Pakistan, We should also hear what Pakistan has to say.

As a common man who is least interested in the international political games played by Indian and Pakistani Politicians, I believe I should hear both sides of the story and decide for myself who is right and who is wrong.

At the end of the day, I sincerely believe that the common man in Pakistan would never want to destroy India. Just like a common man in India would never want to harm Pakistan. I believe Pakistanis hate terrorists and terrorism as much as we Indians do. The terror in this world is caused by individuals and individual organizations which use the name of Islam for their personal agendas.

Though I did find it amusing that one fact pointed by Pakistani media is that the the gun totting terrorist of Mumbai Attacks we all saw in the snaps and news as KASAB is not Pakistani because –

  1. He is wearing a saffron thread on his right hand which is more of a HINDU tradition than MUSLIM.
  2. The Indian media said that the terrorists were carrying alcohol in their bags and no sane Muslim, especially the ones who believe to go to Allah on dying in a Jihad, would carry or take alcohol when on a mission like this.

It does sound sensible. Doesn’t it?

Some YOUTUBE VIDEOS on Pakistani TV programs on this topic. REALLY INTERESTING!


This is an excerpt from a post in Though some of the points mentioned here can discarded as baseless babble. Some points do tend to raise eyebrows!

The timing of Mumbai terror is well planned, just before Indian state elections! So who will reap the benefit? Lashkar-e-Taiba or BJP? If ISI did it, then they must be stupid. And they are not.

I am in receipt of an E mail which says;

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan Thursday, 11 December 2008. If the America’s lapdogs in the Pakistani government had any brains, they would have demanded that Mrs. Hemant Karkare, the wife of the Indian antiterrorism chief killed in the very first hours of Mumbai attack be allowed to speak up. Also, a retired Indian army officer, a close friend was told by Karkare in writing a few hours before he was killed that his life was under threat by Hindu terrorists and their handlers in the Indian military intelligence. Both Mr. Karkare and the secret letter written by her husband have been… suppressed.

Is the world at large that naive as not to consider that:

  1. Unlike other terrorists in similar situations, the terrorists in Mumbai did not demand anything. They didn’t even demand the release of their supposedly jailed colleagues or ask for money. Why? What was their target then?
  2. Unlike other so-called Islamic jehadis with beards and turbans, the Mumbai terrorists came with strange looks, wearing jeans and T-shirts, clean-shaven, no turbans nor any sign of ‘Muslims terrorists’.
  3. Mumbai’s ‘Pakistani terrorists’ were a funny brand of ‘Muslim terrorists’: beer guzzling terrorists. True to the fancy world of Indian movies, Mumbai’s Jehadis go to a bar and stock up on beer before they launch their crusade.
  4. Mumbai terrorists (as shown by media) had close similarities with RSS cadres: The alleged lone survivor happens to be the same guy whose pictures were conveniently captured by Indian photographers and as he walked to make his kill, intriguingly wearing a yellow band on his right hand wrist in the typical style of Hindu terrorist RSS cadres.
  5. Mumbai terrorists immediately find their targets by killing Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) leaders [Hemant Karakare, CP Ashok Kamthe & Vijay Salskar) in the first 15 minutes of the attacks. Karakare was wearing a bullet proof jacket. He was fired right on his neck! He was in a crowded place, so it was not easy to find and identify him. How they got so much information? Why they targeted him? How and why they so specific the clearly chose ATS leaders? And the terrorists immediately ran away? Making Karkare’s murder a puzzle that can’t be solved? ATS was investigating BJP involvement in terrorism, Colonel Prohait , Samjhoota Express Blasts, etc. [See-1]
  6. When Indian soldiers deliberately gorged out the eyes and defaced every one of the terrorists, how come one was caught alive, and that too the one who was – conveniently – photographed by some unknown Indian photographer?
  7. The precision and swiftness of the terrorist action in Mumbai leaves no doubt the perpetrators were not outsiders. There is no way anyone can hold a huge city like Mumbai hostage for three days without knowing the city and the Indian security system inside out.
  8. Prime Minister, Sonia & L.K. Advani visit Mumbai, but no clues or no claims about ISI or Pakistan. However, the Number One Indian Terrorist, Gujarat Chief Minister Narinder Modi rushes to Mumbai and declares that Pakistan is behind the attack without any doubt! Note: no other Indian chief ministers travel to Mumbai. Modi, the killer of 2,500 Indian Muslim women and children in 2002, offered rewards to every military man killed to the tune of several million Indian rupees, which is something that didn’t occur to either the Indian government or the opposition.
  9. Media was widely reporting that there were IDs of terrorists recovered that show Malaysian and Mauritius IDs. However, such references disappear after Modi’s arrival.
  10. The timing of Mumbai terror is well planned, just before Indian state elections! (So who will reap the benefit? Lashkar-e-taiba or BJP?) If ISI did it, then they must be stupid. And they are not.
  11. We are told the terrorists came from Pakistan by sea. Was the Indian navy asleep? We are also told they came by make shift dingy boats. Is it possible to travel such a long distance on such boats with out local help?
  12. It took hundreds of Indian soldiers for about 60 hours to stop the terrorists. Is the Indian army and commandos a bunch of circus clowns?
  13. Karkare’s wife declined ‘Modi’s compensation offer’. It was her sown special way of identifying the real perpetrators.[2]

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  1. #1 by Arulmurugan on December 17, 2008 - 10:00 pm


    My views.
    1. The image is not a very clear one. So could not tell whether it is thread or band.
    2. Alcohol can be used to make fire when attacking its highly inflammable. And can also be used to disinfect when get hurt.

    [ 🙂 I am not a Sherlock Holmes ].

  1. I am ready!

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