Facebook, Nokia Discuss Alliance

So, the long talked about Nokia-Facebook relationship is finally taking form?

Facebook Inc. is stepping up its efforts to integrate its social network into an array of mobile phones, including those made by Nokia Corp., the world’s largest handset maker.

Facebook and Nokia are discussing a partnership that would embed parts of the social network into some Nokia phones, people familiar with the matter said. Financial terms of the potential deal couldn’t be learned, nor was it clear how many of Nokia’s devices would be included.

Under one alternative, contact information stored in Facebook would be integrated with the phone’s address book: When users looked up a contact, they could see …

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

And Om Malik comments on this as –

The Journal reports that Nokia is torn between starting its own social network or working with Facebook. It is a no brainer — starting its own social network would be yet another not-so-smart move by Nokia which still has to show that it has web chops. Partnering with Facebook, MySpace and others is the right way to go.


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