10 things women love to hear + reality!

Amusing…. 😀 😀 😀 Found this at Manishwa. Could really relate to some of these 😉 :)) …

The Times of India has just discovered 10 things that women love to hear. Here’s the list:

  1. ‘You look gorgeous!’
  2. ‘You are the first woman in my life’
  3. ‘You are great in bed’
  4. ‘You’ll make a great mother’
  5. ‘Will you spend your life with me?’
  6. ‘What do you think about ………….?’
  7. ‘You are my dearest pal’
  8. ‘I am lucky to have you’
  9. ‘You know what’s on my mind’
  10. ‘I love you’

Now a very eager me tried to put all the above to test. Here’s what I got:

  1. Me: You look gorgeous!
    She: Of course I look gorgeous. But you still have to do the dishes tonight
  2. Me: You are the first woman in my life
    She: And let me assure you, I’ll be the last as well.
  3. Me: You are great in bed
    She: And you are great at the sink
  4. Me: You’ll make a great mother
    She: I am a great mother – and hurry up with the dishes please
  5. Me: Will you spend your life with me?
    She: Do you think you have a choice?
  6. Me: What do you think about  my new shirt?
    She: Fantastic – now don’t soil it when you are doing the dishes
  7. Me: You are my dearest pal
    She: And you are my dearest dishwasher
  8. Me: I am lucky to have you
    She: Same here – how would I manage those dirty dishes without you?
  9. Me: You know what’s on my mind
    She: No, we haven’t run out of dish detergents yet. I have an extra box stacked away

I guess after all these, he didn’t have courage to hear the answer for the 10th point in the list… Or 😉 maybe the answer was just ‘un-bloggable’ 😉 ???


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  1. #1 by harshad on April 25, 2010 - 11:10 am

    i need some tips of words tht women love to hear

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