Now you can undo a sent mail in Gmail

Cool…..!!! This was something I have always wanted. I have often wondered why mail service providers couldn’t do this. I mean, when I send the mail it’s possible that it stays in their queue before being sent out to target mail server. If I am allowed to do an ‘UNDO’ within that time it would be great! Look’s like the folks at Google also wondered about this 😉

Sometimes I regret sending a message the morning after. Other times I send a message and then immediately notice a mistake. I forget to attach a file or email the birthday girl that I can’t make her surprise party. I can rush to close my browser or unplug the Internet — but Gmail almost always wins that race.
An email to the wrong Larry pushed me over the edge. I could undo just about any other action in Gmail — why couldn’t I undo send? Many people agreed, including Yuzo Fujishima, an engineer in the Tokyo office. My theory (which others shared) was that even just five seconds would be enough time to catch most of those regrettable emails.
And now you can do just that. Turn on Undo Send in Gmail Labs under Settings, and you’ll see a new “Undo” link on every sent mail confirmation. Click “Undo,” and we’ll grab the message before it’s sent and take you right back to compose.

This feature can’t pull back an email that’s already gone; it just holds your message for five seconds so you have a chance to hit the panic button. And don’t worry – if you close Gmail or your browser crashes in those few seconds, we’ll still send your message.
I’ve had Undo Send turned on for a while and it’s saved me several times. Let us know if it saves you too.

[source: Gmail Blog]

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  1. #1 by ajitnirmal on March 26, 2009 - 11:53 am

    dear sir,

    pls let me know the procedure to install the undo button on my gmail account


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