Infosys techie arrested for raising bomb scare

This guy should be fired from Infy and blacklisted from flying (any arlines) for the next 2 years. This is the primary problem with Indian youth. They don’t think of anybody else other than themselves. One can clearly see this attitude on the roads when two-wheeler drivers try to squeeze through a traffic jam making it worse while the four wheeler drivers sit in their vehicles like idiots waiting for the traffic to clear up.

Such attitudes need to be fixed at primary education level. Unless we change our education to teach our children to become better people instead of self-centered intellectual bastards/bitches, we will have more such incidents in future. There is not going to be an end to this.

What’s the point of being educated if you are so selfish that you would create a bomb-scare for the sake to delaying a flight to your convenience? What about the tension that all the other passengers and crew went through within that short period of time?

New Delhi: A 25-year old engineer from Infosys, who thought that he would miss his Bangalore-bound GoAir flight because his train was running late, landed behind bars on Sunday for causing a bomb scare at the Delhi airport.

Abhishek Gupta was coming from Lucknow in Gorakhnath Express and was expected to reach Delhi railway station by 6 a.m. and catch a Bangalore-bound GoAir flight from the capital’s domestic airport around 8.45 a.m. Gupta’s train got delayed and he reached airport around 9.30 a.m. “He called up the call centre of GoAir informing them that he was late because of train delays and asked the staff to reschedule his journey and put him on the second flight to Bangalore. But his request was refused by the GoAir staff,” said a police officer.

“Gupta who desperately wanted to reach Bangalore, again called up at their call centre telling the staff that there was some suspicious object on the plane. He thought that by doing this, the flight would get delayed for some time, and in the mean time, he would reach the airport and board the same flight,” added the police officer.

After the call, the GoAir flight G8201 carrying 164 passengers was grounded and passengers asked to disembark. The bomb and dog disposal squads were pressed into service but nothing was found on the aircraft.

At 9:30 am, Gupta reached the airport and asked for the boarding pass. “It aroused some suspicion. Gupta was then cornered and questioned. He then confessed to causing the panic,” said the police officer.

A case has been registered against him under appropriate sections of the Indian penal code and he has been arrested.

[source: SlilconIndia]

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