The Google Chrome OS Scam

Wow!!! This is good! Actually pretty old stuff. Yet! This guy pulled off something thats truely commendable. Hope it doesn’t land him in the prison. Yet, its wonderful.

A clear showcase of how false information can be spread globally and how even the big brands of news aggregation providers publish information without checking up the authenticity of it!!!

Here’s what this person says in his blog –

I am sorry if you beleived it. It was a really bad attempt.  You all are smart people. I never planned on it getting this big. But it did.  (Come one, I know the Google logo. I am actually a graphic designer, I just wanted to see reactions if it was a crappy back.)

Oh, right, I also DO know CSS and HTML. Just clarifying that.  I never was going to let this go on longer than 12 hours.

Click for full sized!

124,381… WOW.

I thought I was at maybe 2,000. Only off by 122,000 views.

Anyways, again I apoligize that THIS many got fooled. But stay tuned.

I WILL use this blog for REAL Chrome OS News in the Future


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