It’s a disgusting habit! Please STOP IT!

I have been debating with myself on whether to blog about this or not for the last *few* months! It’s about Guys spitting into the urinal before doing their business. I have seen many people do this and it’s the slop noise of the falling spit is GROSS that I have walked out of the restroom without attending to my business and waited outside till the whole freaking place is empty!

Mind you… I am not talking about some 3rd world slaughterhouse or pub. I am talking about a MNC with guys holding masters and doctorates from all over the world. Not just at my workplace, I have seen this happening in many hotels as well. This post is a aimed at saying a few words at those who have this disgusting habit!

I used to think that its an ‘Asian thing’ and then I just googled it before writing this post and I find that it’s a global phenomenon. There are questions on this even in Yahoo! answers! If you read this post and you are in the habit of doing this. Please try and stop it. It’s very very disgusting for some people when they ‘hear’ you do that.


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