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Mobile Developer Summit 2010 : Prototyping SMS/Voice Services

Last week, I was at Nimhans, Bangalore talking on Prototyping SMS & Voice services to the audience of Mobile Developer Summit 2010. Here are the slides + photos from the event.

Me talking @ Mods2010
Mobile Developer Summit 2010


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Microsoft Community Tech Day 2009

Some snaps from the Microsoft Community Tech Day 2009 conducted by Microsoft at Technopark, Trivandrum – Kerala. My session was on Rapid Prototyping.

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Yahoo logoInevitably my Goodbye post had to be followed up with another one on what I am doing presently. If you have me as your contact in any of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., you would have already known about this. Anyway, here goes. I have joined Yahoo!.

My primary focus of work at Yahoo! would be on HiFi Prototyping. I expect it to be challenging and interesting. Let’s see what’s in store…! hmmmm….. 🙂

Btw… here’s a snap that my Wife fished out of this blog… From a very old post.

This was taken when I was in Sunnyvale. It does bring back memories from those days… I had completely forgotten about this photo. But my wife remembered! 😉

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Good bye, Nokia!

Ok. I admit. This is really wierd. Just about a year ago, I sat down to write a similar post when I moved from Extreme Networks to Nokia. And here I am sitting down again to say goodbye to Nokia.

Nokia Logo

A lot has happened in the last one year. Both on professional and personal front. Some nice things. Some really bad things. Last year when I moved out of Extreme Networks, I had a few options in my hand and I picked Nokia out of those for the following reasons –

  1. It is Nokia.
  2. It’s one of the largest organizations that had stood hard and fast against many odds in the last century.
  3. I liked Nokia mobiles while I hated some stuff in them.
  4. I believed that I could actually make a difference.
  5. I have worked in the financial domain, enterprise domain and networking domain. Telecommunication and hand-held devices were new challenges.

So… Then, why did I leave? Many ways to answer that question. 🙂 Some of the reasons are personal and some are professional.

Well, the sugar coated reason is –

The company has millions of users around the world to please. That’s no easy task. ……. When I joined, I thought there was potential to help the company change course in its design direction. But I learned that Google had set its course long before I arrived. Google was a massive aircraft carrier, and I was just a small dinghy trying to push it a few degrees North.

Thats from Douglas Bowman, StopDesign in his post ‘Goodbye, Google‘. Just replace the word Google in the paragraph above with Nokia and you would have what I am trying to say. Now, that’s the sugar coated version. Just that.

Did you really think that I am going to write the ‘real’ bitter version out here on a public blog 😉 ….

Anyway, that’s past. I am focusing on the next steps in my life.



He was ‘LEGEND’ in every sense of the word. He may have been involved in many scandals in the later part of his life. Yet, no one can deny that he redeined the world of music and dance. The history of dance and music cannot be told without dedicated a chapter on MJ.

You will always remain in our hearts… You will live for many generations to come through the legacy of music and dance you leave behind…

Here are some of the best videos of MJ moves available on YouTube.





We will miss you…

Goodbye… Rest in peace…

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WTF? You political bastards! Do something better with your lives. Kill yourself!

Hmm…. So he actually said “If it had not been (Major)Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced that way” and NOT “Not even a dog would visit Sandeep Unnikrishnans house if he wasnt a martyr” as some media reported.



So, what? The Kerala CM is not good at civilized speaking. Big Deal!

I believe we have far more important things to focus on right now. Things like the terror attacks? Things like the alleged Pakistani involvement in it? Things like Pakistan’s response to India’s accusation.

When all these important things are left to be taken care of, why are these STUPID POLITICAL BASTARDS fighting in the assembly hall asking the minister to step down? Alright, he may not be the best CM Kerala has seen, but, is it important now? When the country is in flames?

This country is NEVER going to be prepared for another attack. Terrorists WILL attack us and walk away. Nothing will happen. We public are the stupid idiots. We put one of you hopelessly selfish maggots onto the government and let your run our country.

To hell with democracy. DO YOU UNDERSTAND what we want? WE DONT CARE WHO SITS ON THAT FILTHY CHAIR OF THE CM OR THE PM. My country is under attack. It has been under attack for decades. We have been attacked all along by everyone. Starting from economic crisises, terrorists, naxals, trade policies, encroaching refugees to local goondas and barbaric cops.

What have ANY OF YOU done for the country? Irrespective of which party you MFs belong to. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE COUNTRY? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME?

If you ask me what I have done for the country? My answer is – I HAVE PAID MY FUCKING TAXES! I take 30%+ out of my hard earned salary and hand it over to you so that you filthy SOBs can bask in the glory of all that money and spend it on getting your whores new spaces in high localities of the country. I work my ass of for 3 months in 12 months for this country and I GET NOTHING in return. No security, No service, No safety.

And I also am dumbo enough TO STILL BE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN! I dont care who you are. How much you have looted out of my country. Just leave my country and us. Let this country go back to the uncivilized living of the stone ages. It wouldn’t make any difference. At least we wont be under the false impression that my country has a government which is working for us. Which is working hard to ensure that we are all safe and well. Which is working for the country when I can work for my family!!!!


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Leaving Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks

After 2+ years of relocating to Chennai and joining Extreme Networks (EXTR), the time has finally come to say Good Bye… It’s been really wonderful working with a great team.

My special thanks to all my colleagues for making my life at extreme a truely memorable one especially my managers – Ajit Parthan, Ramki, Suresh Bopparaju, Michael and the rest of the team. The last two years have been really exciting and I was able to learn a lot!!! And as always, I feel my job here is done and it’s time for me to move on.

PS: I am also Chennai and relocating to Bangalore.

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