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Mobile Developer Summit 2010 : Prototyping SMS/Voice Services

Last week, I was at Nimhans, Bangalore talking on Prototyping SMS & Voice services to the audience of Mobile Developer Summit 2010. Here are the slides + photos from the event.

Me talking @ Mods2010
Mobile Developer Summit 2010


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Banned IPL Ads. Amazingly Funny!

A banned adv during IPL

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Adobe’s ‘Build an app in a week’ For India

Adobe is conducting 9 online seminars at times that are convenient for people in India.

  • June 7th : 16:30  – 17:30
    Erase the Designer to Developer gap: Adding interactions to your design with Serge Jespers
  • June 7th : 20:30  – 21:30
    Connecting your design to PHP services with Mihai Corlan
  • June 8th : 16:30  – 17:30
    Connecting a web application to a J2EE backend using Flash Builder 4 with Michael Chaize
  • June 8th : 20:30  – 21:30
    Working with Flash CS5 components in your Flash Builder 4 project with Mike Jones
  • June 9th : 16:30  – 17:30
    Going multi-user with P2P in Flash Player 10.1 with Tom Krcha
  • June 9th : 20:30  – 21:30
    Developing multi-user applications with LiveCycle services with Tom Krcha
  • June 10th : 16:30  – 17:30
    Bringing web Applications to the desktop with AIR 2.0  with Piotr Walczyscyn
  • Jun 10th : 20:30  – 21:30
    Code once and run on multiple mobile devices with Mark Doherty

Build an app in a week is intended to teach you about the Adobe® Flash® Platform, including Adobe® Flex®, Adobe® Flash® Builder™, Adobe® AIR®, Adobe® Flash® Player, and how it integrates with Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 technologies. This weeklong event features free, live webinars presented by Adobe technology experts. See live demos and have your questions answered by the experts during interactive Q&A sessions.

Who should attend?

  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • Application developers
  • Rich Internet Application developers
  • Interactive design specialists

What you will learn
By attending this e-seminar series you will be able to create your own Rich Internet Application at the end of the week, using all the power of Flash Platform, in combination with the device and technology of your choice. 

What Do You Need to Participate?
Online live webinars are scheduled events simulcast over the web via Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. You’ll need a computer with a browser, Adobe Flash player and Internet connection. Voice-Over IP will broadcast over your computer. Access details will be provided once you register.

You can find more detail on the registration site here:

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Parotta Catch!

Amazing 😀

For non-Indians…. Parotta is an Indian food. It’s something that looks like a pancake and is made of dough.

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Never stay in one place for long

Found this in the goodbye mail of a colleague leaving Yahoo! I liked the philosophy! 😉

Once when guru was travelling with his disciple, by the end of the day they arrived at a village, where they were treated with nice food, place to sleep, and overall hospitality. in the morning when they left the village, after coming out, the guru held his hands up to the sky and said – may they never live in one place for too long. may they wander the whole earth.

The next evening they reached another village where they were treated badly, like beggars and thieves and no one gave them any food to eat or shelter to sleep. as they left the village, guru again asked god to – may they always live happily in this village forever.

The disciples had somewhat accepted the last wish, but this one was too much, and one asked the reason for wishing prosperity to the second village.

Guru said – like a true sannyasi, good people should not stay too long in one place. how else will goodness spread in the world?

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Burj Khalifa cheaper than Central Delhi

Interesting article.

Bangalore: An apartment on the 100th floor of ‘Burj Khalifa’, the world’s tallest building and one of the most-sought after addresses in the world today, comes at a price of Rs. 38,000 per sq ft. But if you think that’s a soaring price, consider this – the real estate price in Delhi will beat that by a mile, reports Economic Times.

The apartments on Prithviraj Road and Aurangzeb Road in Central Delhi are much more expensive. While, the per sq ft rate of apartments in Marble Arch and Tata Apartments on Prithviraj Road is around Rs. 65,000 per sq ft, Ansal apartments on Aurangzeb Road have a price of Rs. 55,000 per sq ft, according to Senior Broker Hemendra Sharma.

In Vasant Vihar and Chanakya Puri in South Delhi, apartments built on smaller plots of 400-800 sq metres are commanding prices of around Rs. 45,000 per sq ft. In fact, there are not many luxury condominiums available in central and south Delhi. However, there are several bungalows on independent plots of around three acres with a permitted area of construction of 3500 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft. These plots are commanding a price of Rs. 200 crore to Rs. 500 crore. So the per sq ft cost of these bunglow comes to a whopping Rs. 5 lakh per sq ft.

Condominiums in Mumbai are even costlier. The per sq ft rate in Mumbai’s NCPA Apartments at Nariman Point is between Rs. 90,000 and Rs. 1 lakh. 

Gulam Zia, National Director, research and advisory services of global property consultants Knight Frank says, “In the posh upmarket localities of Delhi and Mumbai, where there is a scarcity of land, property prices have shot through the roof.” Adds Zia, “Property prices in Mumbai’s western and central suburbs of Worli, Lower Parel and Prabhadevi are upwards of Rs. 40,000 per sq ft.”

Real estate prices in India are inverse to the country’s image of a developing nation. “Mumbai and Delhi command one of the highest per sq ft rates in the world,” says Anshuman Magazine, CMD, CB Richard Ellis, South Asia, a leading global property consultancy firm.

In India while the land cost itself is high, the cost of quality is even higher. If one is paying Rs. 38,000 per sq ft for an apartment in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, for the same price or more in Mumbai or Delhi one will only be paying for the location and not for the construction or amenities. In terms of amenities and quality there is just no comparison. Magazine adds that, in the U.S. when a buyer looks to buy a home, he or she first looks for the amenities on offer that would suit his or her lifestyle, whereas in India it’s all about land and location for the buyer.

While Mumbai and New Delhi are in a zone by themselves as far as realty pricing is considered, other big cities like Chennai and Bangalore are yet to see such pricing, though the rates have dramatically shot up in the recent past. 


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Britain spends 25k pounds to protect Musharaff? WTF?

I thought we had stupid morons only in India to be paying taxes for the politicians to do us in the rear. It looks like even Americans are doing it in the form of Aid and British are also into it in the form of VIP Executive Committee of crap!

LONDON: The British government is spending around 25,000 pounds (over Rs.20 lakh) a day to protect former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf,

who has made London his new home, a newspaper reported on Friday.
The Times said Scotland Yard’s Specialist Protection Unit, known as SO1, has assigned a round-the-clock team of at least 10 men and women to protect the former army dictator, who lives in a luxurious three-bedroom flat in an Arab quarter of West London.

Musharraf has been using the flat as his base for about four months and also has a team of retired Pakistani commandos to protect him. He is said to be paying the Pakistanis from his own pocket.

The decision to provide him further British security was reportedly taken at a meeting of the Royal and VIP Executive Committee held at the home office.

The Times said the elite unit is responsible for the personal protection of the British prime minister, former prime ministers, certain government ministers, some ambassadors and "high-profile persons considered to be under threat from terrorist attack in the UK".

The costs are thought to include the provision of a car plus security equipment such as alarms and closed-circuit television cameras fitted to his flat. SO1 is providing the security detail.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, a Pakistani-born member of the ruling Labour Party, has written to British home secretary Alan Johnson urging him to stop spending taxpayers’ money on protecting Musharraf.

"I think the government needs to review Mr. Musharraf’s security. There are people within Britain who could do with those extra police officers rather than a man who can afford private bodyguards," he said.

[source: TOI]

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