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Durex Baby on iPhone

This is just tooooo good!!!!! Very creative! 🙂


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SIRI. One word – WOW!!!

Wow… This is taking User Experience to the next level!!! 🙂

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iPhone Apps vs. Useful iPhone Apps

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Win/Mac Dual Boot on iPhone

First it was on N95 now its on iPhone… Look’s like Windows is not that easy to leave behind… 😀

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Cute Girl in the Library

I like the way Playboy puts it… 😉

An excerpt from PlayBoy Mag on Nokia phones…

Article Excerpt:

How about this for a paradox: The most exciting segment of the laptop category involves devices that aren’t really laptops at all. Expect to see more of these in years to come as we all get used to computing anytume, anywhere… Today only a select few people carry them, but they’re easy to spot.

and here is Playboy’s description of the Nokia N85:

The iPhone may be the smartphone homecoming queen, but for years Nokia has been offering us the cute girl in the library. You know, the one who’s actually getting stuff done. Not only is the N85 available unlocked for use with multiple carriers, it boasts WiFi, a 3G cellular data connection, and GPS, plus a decent camera that can also record video. Then there’s the FM radio for listening on the go and a built-in transmitter for car radio.

[ source: NokiaBlog ]

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iPhone to get ‘Flash’ey too

Interesting… So, now iPhone is going to have flash too. Not that it really matters. I think Nokia never did utilize flashlite to its full extent.

With Android getting all Flash-ey, Apple’s "Goldilocks" position on Flash — the full Flash player is too hefty, Flash Lite is too weak — seemed pretty untenable.

Now Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has revealed that Apple and Adobe are "collaborating" on making Flash a reality on the iPhone, citing the technical challenge it presents.

What’s clear is that with all this work to do, it doesn’t seem they’re going the watered-down Flash Lite route, but we’re trying not to hold our breath for a full-on, Hulu-friendly version that will finally help us get that Doogie Howser fix on the go. Naturally, there’s no word on when this will hit.

[source: Engadget]

And directly from the horse’s mouth…

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