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Mobile Developer Summit 2010 : Prototyping SMS/Voice Services

Last week, I was at Nimhans, Bangalore talking on Prototyping SMS & Voice services to the audience of Mobile Developer Summit 2010. Here are the slides + photos from the event.

Me talking @ Mods2010
Mobile Developer Summit 2010


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I call it Handy.. What do you call yours?

Keyur had an interesting trivia compilation at his blog

  • USA: Cellphone or cell, texting.
  • China: “Handy phone” (?)
  • Iran: mobile. (landlines are called “telephone”).
  • Spain: “teléfono móvil” or “móvil”.
  • Denmark: mobile phone.
  • UK: mobile or mobile phone.
  • Philipines: cellphone.
  • New Zealand: “mobile” (but cellphone is also used).
  • India: mobile. Telephone or landline for a landline.
  • Korea: “handphone”
  • Japan: keita.
  • Dutch (Netherlands): mobiele telefoon.
  • Dutch (Belgium): GSM.
  • France: “téléphone portable” or “portable” but since “portable” is used for laptop too some people call them “mobile”.
  • Germany: handy
  • Indonesia, they call it hand phone or simply abbreviated as “hp” pronounced “ha-pe”. “*Ha*” as if in *ha*m and “*pe*” as if in*Pe*psi. In terms of texting, they use “SMS”.
  • Turkey: “pocket phone” (”cep telefonu”)?
  • Cuba: cellular, or cell or il celular or movil
  • Argentina: movil, celular
  • Brazil: telefone celular or celular
  • Turkey: “cep telefonu” meaning “pocket phone”
  • Italy: cellulare or telefono celulare
  • Israel: Pelefon translates “wonder phone”
  • Costa Rica: “celular”

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N97 – redefining mobile experience

Proud to be part of this! 😉

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Register with MyNokia for FREE

Check out Nokia’s latest service for Nokia phone owners –

My Nokia is a personalized service designed to help you get the most out of your Nokia. Once you register you will soon start receiving regular communications that include tips & tricks specific to your Nokia, great offers, competitions and more.

If you have a Nokia phone, register yourself to MyNokia. MyNokia allows you to do a lot of cool stuff with your Nokia phone including backups of your contacts etc. It’s a new nice FREE service from Nokia.

To register just follow these instructions –

Send the following SMS to 55555

mn <Your phone model> 9980945213

for ex, if you have an Nokia n81, your sms should read

mn n81 9980945213

if you have a nokia 5300, your sms should read

mn 5300 9980945213

Why am I posting this?

Just a shameless 😛 attempt win an Nokia E71 🙂 …. Hey! Don’t put on that look! … It’s going to cost you just an SMS… 😀

Oh Yeah! I am that cheap! Read the rest of this entry »

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ULTra PRT – Sustainable Transit for future

Wow! This is so coool!!! Is this the future of transportation. Guess it will take another 25 years before we Indians start having these luxuries… 😉

Nope, this thing isn’t photoshop. Though it has an uncanny similarity to the cool mobile vehicle used by Tom Cruise in Speilberg’s Minority Report, this thing is already in the process of getting implemented. Check out the pictures below for the construction snaps. To actually experience this… maybe you should visit London Heathrow Airport sometime during the fall of 2008.

Till then, check out their website @

ULTra is a battery-driven, 100-mpg-equivalent, elevated personal rapid transit system with many four-person vehicles. First deployment is scheduled for London Heathrow Airport in Spring 2009, to serve Heathrow’s new Terminal 5. Working as circulator transit for office parks, airports, universities, and other major activity centers, ULTra is faster than a car. In these applications, ULTra makes carpooling and conventional transit more effective, by solving the “last mile problem.”

Here are some snaps of the cool thing!!!

Read the rest of this entry »

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WiFi, Wii and now WipO?

Wow!!! This is something I have always wondered why no one has done yet!! 🙂 Damn! There goes another chance of mine to innovate!! 😉 I wonder if there will be anything left in this world to invent by the time I am ready for it 😀 ….. I wonder what it’s going to called? WiPo? for Wireless Power? 😉

How much money could you make from a technology that replaces electrical wires? A startup called Powercast, along with the more than 100 companies that have inked agreements with it, is about to start finding out. Powercast and its first major partner, electronics giant Philips, are set to launch their first device powered by electricity broadcast through the air.

It may sound futuristic, but Powercast’s platform uses nothing more complex than a radio–and is cheap enough for just about any company to incorporate into a product. A transmitter plugs into the wall, and a dime-size receiver (the real innovation, costing about $5 to make) can be embedded into any low-voltage device. The receiver turns radio waves into DC electricity, recharging the device’s battery at a distance of up to 3 feet.

Picture your cell phone charging up the second you sit down at your desk, and you start to get a sense of the opportunity. How big can it get? “The sky’s the limit,” says John Shearer, Powercast’s founder and CEO. He estimates shipping “many millions of units” by the end of 2008.

[ Original Source ]

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