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Awesome Nokia AD

Awesome AD. Watch it completely!! 🙂


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Yahoo logoInevitably my Goodbye post had to be followed up with another one on what I am doing presently. If you have me as your contact in any of the popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., you would have already known about this. Anyway, here goes. I have joined Yahoo!.

My primary focus of work at Yahoo! would be on HiFi Prototyping. I expect it to be challenging and interesting. Let’s see what’s in store…! hmmmm….. 🙂

Btw… here’s a snap that my Wife fished out of this blog… From a very old post.

This was taken when I was in Sunnyvale. It does bring back memories from those days… I had completely forgotten about this photo. But my wife remembered! 😉

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Google WAVE rocks

Hope you all have seen the latest stuff from Google – GOOGLE WAVE. If you haven’t, check out the video below.

When I saw the video for the first time (Yes. I saw it three times to convince myself its actually true!) a few thoughts were on my mind.

1. This is going to change everything

Google has influenced the history of technology time and again. And this time, they have redefined everything that we know about communication over internet. When everyone has been going crazy over 140 chars. These folks went ahead and decided to change our lives! I think WAVE will change everything as we know it –

  • Email – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.
  • Instant Messaging – Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, GTalk etc.
  • Social Networking – Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Twitter etc.
  • Collaboration tools – Zoho, Google Docs, Adobe tools etc.
  • Content publishing – Blogs, Discussion Boards, Wikis

Yes. Once WAVE is out, I can foresee massive changes to all of the above and beyond!


2. This is what I would call a complete solution

Once you see the complete video and try to make a list of the goodies in the demo, you would realize that they have practically thought of everything you can think of (or rather you would never think of) and went ahead to implement it. It’s not just talk. They have it implemented it and we can see it working. They have thought about a lot of things that can possibly be done and have gone ahead to support it. 

And most importantly they have a robust architecture that supports it all. The Robots, Spelly, Linky, Searchy, Map Pin, games extensions and gadgets are a classic example (to understand what these terms mean, check out the video).

They have even integrated it with mobiles. They have a Android and iPhone version of WAVE. They have integrated it into Blogger. They have api’s in place to integrate with other applications – Twitter, Bugzilla!


3. This is what a team can do within 3-5 years

At one point in the demo, the GUY mentions that the WAVE uses the Google Web Kit extensively and Google Web Kit was launched sometime in 2006. So, can we take it that today in 2009, these folks have been working on Wave for around 3-5 years max?


4. This could very well be a case study in UX

Wave is a good example of how complex an application can get. The more an application gets complicated, the more difficult it is to design great user experience around it.

I have heard of stories in the past where people have talked about how Google has begun resorting to Engineering solutions for Design problems. But, the UI and experience of WAVE seems to be as good as it can get. Wave like most other Google products uses the KISS mantra to the core!


5. Google is getting so good that it’s scary

When they redefined Search (, we welcomed them with open arms and hearts. When they redefined Email (gmail), we hailed and cheered with high spirits. When they redefined Photo sharing (picasa), we were quick to adopt it. When they solved the Online-Offline problem of the internet (google gears), a lot of SaaS ventures cropped up. When they redefined instant messaging (google talk), It was a welcome relief over other stale IMs. When they redefined Browser experience (chrome), we started thinking about how Google is slowly becoming more than just a internet services company and started realizing how much it has become part of our life style.

Now, with WAVE, they are affecting personal and business usage of the internet so much that WAVE and Chrome might end up being the single most solution/application an average internet user might need in their life! Maybe we will see computers with a Google OS (Android ported to desktop?) and just Chrome in it. They have everything else that a user needs hosted remotely on their server (docs, reader, calendar, picasa, wave). That way establishing a true and complete SaaS package! Google’s way of leveraging technology is fantastic and it’s also intimidating to other global leaders. They did it before with Gmail and then with Gears. Now they have pushed the limits further in Wave.

Anyway this post isn’t about doing a post mortem on what’s wrong with us. It’s more about the exciting times we are all living in. If we can grab a lesson or two in the meanwhile it’ll be great!

Watch the DEMO

Google Wave can make you more productive even when you’re having fun.
Take a sneak peek.

Learn how to put waves in your site and build wave extensions with the Google Wave APIs.

Google Wave uses an open protocol, so anyone can build their own wave system.
Learn more at

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N97 – redefining mobile experience

Proud to be part of this! 😉

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Nokia’s Dream Phones

BusinessWeek: The handset maker went to citizens of Mumbai, Rio and other megacities for new ideas—and got designs that find graffiti, test water, and emit peace vibes

By Kerry Capell
In the three rapidly growing cities of Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, and Accra (Ghana), Nokia’s design team set up open studios where members of the local community could sketch their dream phones. Nokia provided the space and the drawing tools, and more than 220 people offered up their vision of the ideal handset. Pictured is Sam from Accra with his design. Nokia asked participants to address the following questions:

  1. What does it look like?
  2. What does it do?
  3. How will you use it?
  4. When and where will you use it?

Other questions were aimed at providing Nokia’s researchers with deeper insight into the broader issue of identity within these fast-growing urban environments. The team gleaned information on participants’ tastes, style, personality, profession, religion, sense of heritage, and community. Some of the participants knocked off sketches in 20 minutes, while others spent two full days on the project.
Click on for a look at 15 of the remarkable mobile phone ideas generated by consumers around the world.


Nokia 360
As a pastor in Accra, Joseph’s job is to help people get to know God. He loves recording church activities, so his design includes a three-hour video recording feature and displays Bible verses every time the phone is turned on or off.


Nokia Premium
Alexander is a computer student in Accra who lives alone in a refugee camp. He feels for his friend’s grandmother: her eyes are not very good and so she struggles to use her phone. He designed a phone for people with vision problems who can use voice-aided keypads that read out the inscription when pressed. The phone is shaped like a foot because it symbolizes progress.


Peace Cell
Elizabeth is a dance instructor from Rio who took a more surrealist view. She wants a mobile phone with a peace button that when pressed will emit a sound wave that brings peace to any argument, fight, or even war. She designed the phone for stressed or violent people.



For this participant, phones are much more than a communication tool: They can also be a means of survival. The idea behind this bottle-shaped phone is to help carry drinkable water, a valuable commodity in many of the shantytowns Nokia visited. This phone also can act as a float, enabling people living in these towns to survive in extreme conditions such as floods. In the words of the participant: "It’s my style of phone because is helps you and others to survive. I would like to help others with my phone."

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Cute Girl in the Library

I like the way Playboy puts it… 😉

An excerpt from PlayBoy Mag on Nokia phones…

Article Excerpt:

How about this for a paradox: The most exciting segment of the laptop category involves devices that aren’t really laptops at all. Expect to see more of these in years to come as we all get used to computing anytume, anywhere… Today only a select few people carry them, but they’re easy to spot.

and here is Playboy’s description of the Nokia N85:

The iPhone may be the smartphone homecoming queen, but for years Nokia has been offering us the cute girl in the library. You know, the one who’s actually getting stuff done. Not only is the N85 available unlocked for use with multiple carriers, it boasts WiFi, a 3G cellular data connection, and GPS, plus a decent camera that can also record video. Then there’s the FM radio for listening on the go and a built-in transmitter for car radio.

[ source: NokiaBlog ]

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Facebook, Nokia Discuss Alliance

So, the long talked about Nokia-Facebook relationship is finally taking form?

Facebook Inc. is stepping up its efforts to integrate its social network into an array of mobile phones, including those made by Nokia Corp., the world’s largest handset maker.

Facebook and Nokia are discussing a partnership that would embed parts of the social network into some Nokia phones, people familiar with the matter said. Financial terms of the potential deal couldn’t be learned, nor was it clear how many of Nokia’s devices would be included.

Under one alternative, contact information stored in Facebook would be integrated with the phone’s address book: When users looked up a contact, they could see …

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

And Om Malik comments on this as –

The Journal reports that Nokia is torn between starting its own social network or working with Facebook. It is a no brainer — starting its own social network would be yet another not-so-smart move by Nokia which still has to show that it has web chops. Partnering with Facebook, MySpace and others is the right way to go.

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