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Must Watch!!!
Well scripted, Beautiful narration and professional editing. Quality stuff!

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One of the Best Ads ever!

This came in almost two years ago during Diwali! I still love watching it 😉


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Orkut in Tamil

I found this interesting article. I do not know how to read Tamil. Still, I could figure out most of it. If you understand Tamil, you might find it much more amusing 🙂 I am posting the entire post here. Couldn’t help it 😉

I never noticed orkut had started offering services in tamil till today and I changed the interface to tamil and believe it or not I like it. Lot of stuff that makes sense but there are a few things that are very funny check them out.

I know I’m poor single fellow without a girl friend but does orkut have to say it so explicitly???


Never knew chance was a tamil word ??? When did they add it??


Check this out… Can somebody pliss explain wtf is “tiranda kalyanam”


Introducing “ketta jokes” and “uzhnokka jokes”… hope you get the meaning


I bet the coder was sure a Chennaihite..


And I thought getting a “munaivar pattam” was getting a Phd.. not so?? somebody explain pliss


What do you mean by a “muslim” psyche ??? Read the rest of this entry »

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Yuvan’s Dost Bada Dost is a lift

Ha Ha….. Here comes the original source of Dosth Bada dosth… It’s a nice song… Even if its lift, I think Yuvan has done a good job for this movie…

Btw…. One of the good movies I have seen in recent times… I would recommend the movie Saroja (wikipedia entry) anyday…

The source is British New Wave musician, Thomas Dolby’s ‘She blinded me with science’! The Tamil song that sounds alarmingly similar to this track’s opening – complete with the rhythm (synth hook in the original) and the tune of the first 2 lines is….’Dosth bada dosth’ from Saroja, with music by Yuvan Shankar Raja! Hmmm…so, what do you think? Mail me! Thanks to Manoj Varkey for this info – excellent ear you’ve got man!

Listen to Dosth bada dosth | She blinded me with science

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Indhiya Tholaikatchigalil Muthal Murayaaga…!!!

Praveen has a really funny post on his blog… If you are tamilian, then its a must read for you…

  1. Velaikku Avaathu – Mission Impossible
  2. Karuttha Machan – Men in Black
  3. Paayum puli, Padungum pambu – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  4. Oatta Machan – Hollow Man ( though the actual movie was called Mayamanidhan) and the list continues….. !!!

I really appreciate the crude humour they project, for example, there is Sean Connery speeding down a road in a fancy white car yelling, “Roada paathu cara ootu da baadu” (in “7 Dhalapathigal”, also known as “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”). Man….. I tell you he really gives our “Gabdan Vijaykanth” and “dhesiavaathi Arjun” a run for their money….. !!!

Just imagine, a scene from ‘Mummy’ , where an improperly embalmed mummy looking more like my college staffs shouts at the audience ” buhuah ha ha haaaa…..Naan unne ippo sapide poren…!!! ” or our James Bond introducing himself as ” Aaei…..en paeru baandu…..james baandu… “.

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