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‘Reality’ behind Reality shows

Hmmmm…. Sad… So, this is what ‘actually’ happens in reality shows? This video sheds a pathetic light on both the participants and conductors of the show. Here’s a clip from the sensored parts of the ‘Dadagiri’ show in Bindaas Channel. The lady host at some point slaps one of the contestants and in an instinctive response he slaps her back. What ensues is the harsh reality of this world. The contestant gets beaten and abused by almost everyone else in the studio to the point that he starts crying. This is sad. What about all that crap about feministic equality and all that bullsit??? She slapped him first and he slapped back! Thats it! Why did all those bastards at the studio beat him up for that?

Was it their way of proving their machoism? Were they trying to show off their manliness? By 10 – 15 men beating up that boy? For what? For reacting in an instinctive manner?

Yeah… of course! we can hear the lady who got slapped talking to someone else while the boy is getting trashed by all those spineless unruly bastards (You have to to listen to the blasphemy they are shouting at him…). And the lady can be clearly heard saying “I thought he would have briefed!” and someone answers, “He was. He was clearly told…” Briefed! Briefed? Is this how all ‘reality’ shows happen? Everyone is ‘briefed’ about whats to happen onstage? So, are everyone briefed on how wins and who loses? Then what about all that CRAP about contestants crying, breaking down?

Looks like another event which shows that these ‘reality’ shows are nothing but elaborate dramaatic extensions of mega serials or soap operas… This has been said before and we still talk about it. In anycase, what happens to this boy in thisĀ  video is really really sad.

I hope that this video and incident atleast enlightens some morons who aspire to be in those shows and watch this crap relelntlessly!

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Latest Mac Ad – Give up on Vista

I have always loved the MAC Ads… Check out the latest one.

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